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If you are interested in taking supplements we guess you want one that may be beneficial. For us that means one thatís had some reasonable research done on it. So we scour the internet to locate research that demonstrates the likely benefit of the supplements we sell and we donít shy off from saying if the juryís still out on a particular supplement. Likewise we link to comprehensive info on safety, side effects and drug interactions. We hope that makes it easier for you to make your mind up. The supplements we stock contain the amounts of active ingredient that the researchers use, cheaper versions often do not.


We have products which may be of likely benefit in the following conditions:


Athletics Sport Strength (25)
Blood Pressure (2)
Bones / Joints & Muscles(14)
Cholesterol Control (2)
Common Dietary Deficiencies (6)
Diabetes Type II Blood Sugar (3)
Eczema / Psoriasis (3)
Erectile Dysfunction (2)
Heart Health (3)
Immune Function (6)
Indigestion IBS Dyspepsia (3)
Liver Support (2)
Macular Degeneration Cateracts (3)
Migraine Headaches (4)
Mood / Mental Function (7)
Piles/Varicos​e Veins (2)
PMT/ Menopause (2)
Sleep / Insomnia (3)
Weight Management (4)
Wellness / Anti-Fatigue (9)
Women`s Health (6)


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